as I woke I found myself reflecting on manifestation and thoughts…its the mind set that as we think.. we create and manifest, but this morning I was pondering if this is really true, or is it possible that as things manifest we are given the thought..???? So… here is what I was dreaming last night…. I was walking in this huge building and all the people that David knew, spoke to, coached or touched in some way were there as well as all the people that those people knew, spoke to helped or touched and it was thousands of us all connected and connecting… The faces were all familiar and smiling, laughing, talking, vibrating at such an incredible frequency that the energy was tangible and visible. Big screens were placed in different rooms.. as there were too many people to fit in just one place and we were there to listen to each others stories of how our lives had been changed by one another. This is what is being manifested here at this moment in time.. as each of us write and read these blogs, as we meet, and touch each other, even for a second or speak only one word to a stranger, we have been given the gift of this connection, this energetic exchange and we watch and listen as we change each other by our vibration and our light. So what comes first the thought or the manifestation? I allow myself to enter into the mystery, knowing that I have no need to know the how’s or the why, I allow myself to lie in the hammock of mystery, to bask in the questions, to watch as it unfolds before me…and my only response is Yes.

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