Baileys, Coffee & Christmas Past

My husband Tony started the tradition years ago when the kids were little. We would wake up early before they got up and he would put the coffee on, pour in the Baileys and we would sit in the living room looking at the lights on the tree, talk quietly and anticipate the look on our kids faces when they saw what ‘Santa’ had brought them…It was my favorite part of Christmas day and I think it was his too.. As the kids grew and changed those Christmas mornings with Bailey’s were a constant. The first Christmas after Tony died, two priests from my church heard of the Christmas tradition and showed up on my doorstep early that Christmas morning to share Bailey’s and coffee with me, together we sat in front of the Christmas tree, looked at lights and talked quietly. Their gift of time to me that first Christmas without my husband was one I will never forget. Since then I have shared this tradition with friends, a couple of years with a lover, and now that they are older, my kids( of course they don’t get up as early as I do) And so this Christmas morning I will get up, put on the coffee, pour in the Bailey’s, sink into the couch and look at the lights on the Christmas tree and I will remember with bittersweet clarity all the the Christmas mornings that have passed and I will smile. Thank you, Tony

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