What is Spiritual Direction?

“Spiritual direction is the process of accompanying people on a spiritual journey. Spiritual direction helps people tell their sacred stories every day. Spiritual direction exists in a context that emphasizes growing closer to God (or the holy or a higher power). Spiritual direction invites a deeper relationship with the spiritual aspect of being human. Spiritual direction offers a place to explore prayer practices, meditation, spiritual experiences, and our growing desire for significance.  Spiritual direction is not psychotherapy, counseling, or financial planning.

Spiritual direction is specific to your spiritual journey. If you are taking the first steps to learn to pray, or have been meditating for decades, spiritual direction is valuable. Taking into consideration your unique personality and temperament, spiritual direction is a place to reflect on how to pray, your ongoing or unfolding spiritual practices, and the stages of spiritual development in the life of a sincere seeker. Like prayer, contemplation and meditation, spiritual direction nourishes the spiritual aspect of being human, allowing us to serve with authenticity and grateful hearts.”

Quote from Spiritual Directors International Website

I like to refer to Spiritual Direction as walking with a soul friend, as in the previous post where I quoted John O’Donohue. A “soul friend” is one who listens to you with one ear and to the Divine with the other ear. ( Its why we were given two of them). A soul friend is able, through the art of Sacred Listening, to help you to discern where your Divinity   ( your soul) is guiding you and speaking to you through the experiences you are having in your life. I take this a step further in my practice to see where this is living in your physical body. What do you notice in your physical body that is calling your attention?  There are many different ways Spirit communicates with us, and often times we don’t have the discernment that enables us to figure out what this is. This is where a Spiritual Director comes in. It is in that place of active listening that the Director or guide comes in to point out the subtle signs that your soul/body is sending your way. For those of us who seek a deeper understanding of the Divine this is an important piece in becoming more aware, more awake to our higher selves and therefore becoming  more whole in our Divine purpose.  May we all be blessed with such a ‘soul friend’  in our lives.

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