How would you define progress??

One question and the buzz begins as Audi comes up with their campaign to use Social Media to expand marketing strategy.. My sister, Michele Lorito-Chase, who I always say got the brains and the legs in the family, answered Audi’s question with ” When a good idea becomes a building block for a better one”… and that makes sense to me in every way, even when it comes to spirituality.

The contest that Audi is putting on ends tomorrow with the prize of $25,000. going to the charity of the winner’s choice, my sister has lived her life generously, compassionately and has always been in service to those in need.. I say Audi has a shoe-in winner. I don’t know much about Twitter or Social Media, but I do know my sister who Audi hash marked #oldphone at #what progressis and she is their and my best bet. If you are on twitter, please post for ghostexectutive group and help Michele win for charity.

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