Thru the Looking Glass

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Is it just a little bit painful, perhaps? Or is it intense scrutiny of the latest wrinkle or pimple or chin hair? When was the last time you looked at yourself with love in your eyes and in your heart?

We live in a world where looks matter, where comparisons are made every day. Even in our magazines we can see articles of  “Who wore it better?” and they have people actually voting and judging. We are doomed to feeling less than, not enough. We cannot change the world we live in and frankly why would we waste our energy trying. What we can do is begin a practice of loving ourselves by actually liking what we see in the mirror.. But first you have to look beyond those eyes that are trained to be critical. How do you do this?  I will tell you what has worked for me.. First view it as an experiment, with you as just the observer, then look only in your own eyes, no where else.  Take a breath,look deeply and let go of judgement and then let go again and continue to just focus on the eyes. You may not be able to look into both at the same time so just focus on one eye. Now connect to your heart, soften your gaze, and feel the love flowing through your eyes. It may not be easy the first time, that is why it is called practice. Keep practicing and before you know, you will begin to see the beauty that is in you, as well as the beauty that is in each other.  I see you and you are magnificent!!.. Love and Light…

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