The physicality of emotions

“We do not understand the true nature of the emotional body, but it is so intrinsically a part of the physical , not separate at all. We must allow emotions to be restored to what they are meant to be – freely flowing – by becoming fully conscious of the ways in which we prevent ourselves from feeling what we feel. We stop our emotions on a regular, thoroughly unconscious basis. We who believe we are conscious are just as susceptible to this as anyone. We’ve been doing this habitually for eons.. It is time to reclaim our emotional Selves.”~~Stephanie Azaria/Cosmic Path

Reading this quote this morning on Cosmic Path I was reminded once again of how important it is to check in daily with our emotional and physical body. When we ignore the emotional and physical bodies we are more susceptible to disease, illness, anxiety, fatigue, negative thought forms and feelings of apathy. These are the symptoms of the body trying desperately to get our attention. Emotions need to be heard and to be paid attention to. Many of us are so used to ignoring these cues that the body gives us that we are walking through life as wounded soldiers, not living the life that we desire and we don’t even know why.  Most of the work that I do through Spiritual Direction, Heart Centered Therapy and Somato Emotional Release addresses these emotions in the body so that they are given a voice in which to be recognized and processed and ultimately released.  As they are released the physical body is able to integrate them to allow the body to come back to homeostasis and feelings of well-being. This frees up so much energy in the body and mind that the end result is a person who experiences mental clarity, more energy, and feelings of contentment and joy. There are some things that we can do for ourselves that can be helpful in recognizing and processing these emotions such as; journaling, breath-work, body focus meditations, along with finding a practitioner trained to help us navigate through this journey. And it is a journey, one that takes us to those inner realms that are calling us to explore and discover parts of ourselves that we so often hide from.  So the questions to ponder are..who am I?… am I living a fully conscious fully realized life?… what emotions am I hiding from?.. what feelings do I continue to ignore?.. how is that affecting my body.. my mind.. my spirit? Allowing yourself time to go within and ask these questions is one of ways we can begin the process of having deeper knowledge of the self.  And if you need some help, contact me on my website, I am available for in person or long distance sessions.

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