What if your gifts had an expiration date??

We are all born blessed with our own special unique gifts. Gifts that ideally we are able to share with others. For some it is music or art, or design and engineering and for others it is our ability to communicate and touch another’s heart and soul. Each of us goes through the process of discernment as to what our gifts are, we search ourselves, we compare ourselves to others, we doubt and are paralyzed by negative thought forms that hold us hostage in our attempt to share our special gifts. And sometimes we find ourselves in a kind of holding pattern.. a limbo like state where life is passing us by and we still haven’t discovered our unique gift, and so we walk in a land of the unfulfilled.. waiting for the day when we wake up and have that defining moment of knowing. And what if that day never comes??? What if there was a cosmic expiration date??? Would you wait???…Its like being given a gift card at your favorite store and never cashing it in.  For me I never had a defining moment, instead my life unfolded in a particular way and then one day I knew that I was born to be of service in the healing of others. Just like that.. I knew what I was here to do.. and guess what… there was some resistance.. resistance in cashing in my gift card… my thoughts ran from ‘not me.. to ‘I’m not ready’ to’ I’m not capable, worthy, good enough’…. you name it…and yet there was still something inside of me that kept me walking forward to what is now my life’s path.

I was doing an Akashic Record Consultation for a client and when I relayed to her what the Masters and Teachers were telling me about her gifts, she looked at me and said “that’s it?” .. “I thought it would be something bigger”.  You know what, sometimes its the simplest things that we do that makes the most impact. So don’t waste any more time not cashing in your gifts, just begin with what your heart is telling you to do, even if its just to smile at someone you don’t know each and every day and watch as your gifts grow in tandem with your desire to share more and more of them.

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