AM Recipe for Expansion

Is it even possible not to be aware of the expansion that is all around us… I am speaking of the expansion of consciousness and of the awareness that time is accelerating and the inner knowing that something is happening…even if we cannot put our finger on it. Is it your desire to become more in tune with this expansion that is happening in the Universe? And yet, not quite know how or what to do??.. I have created a ‘recipe’ that works for me and that has helped me to be in a higher vibration, more aware and conscious and in alignment with my higher self. It has helped me to reduce stress and have more clarity in my life.  It really works for me and maybe it can help you as well, even incorporating one or two of these can be very beneficial.

As soon as you open your eyes be in gratitude, taking just a moment to thank God/Goddess for another day on this beautiful planet.

Stretch your body and begin to take some slow cleansing breaths.. it gets the blood moving and tells your body that its time to wake up.

Drink a glass of water, it hydrates the body and begins the process of detoxification. And YES that is an important part as well.

Go for a walk… even just 15 minutes.. let your feet touch the ground with mindfulness and love… kissing the ground with your feet… saying Hello to Mama Earth.

Make a hot drink of lemon and warm water…( I know it’s not coffee,you can have that later)…it helps the liver to clean itself and a happy liver increases your frequency… believe me.

Find a quiet place to practice stillness… not the time to go over your day quite yet… find a peaceful place of no thought…if its out in nature, focus on the sounds around you, begin your meditation with the energy of gratefulness.

Set your intentions for the day…how do you want to feel, what do you want to accomplish, and how will you let your light shine?!!

Now begin your day feeling expanded, connected and in alignment with your higher self…..Doesn’t that feel good???


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