PM Recipe for Expansion

In my last post I talked about some of the ways I begin my day in order to achieve a higher vibration to become  more aware,conscious and in alignment with my higher self. It has helped me to reduce stress and have more clarity in my life.  I also have a night time practice that helps me to clear the energies of the day and relax my body, mind and spirit.  I share them with you so that you to can incorporate some or all into your night time experience.

One hour before you go to sleep turn off all electronics such as TV, Computer, IPad, Phone, etc.

Make yourself a cup of tea or a warm drink.

Get in some comfy, soft pajamas.

Have a journal to write about your day, do a self-inquiry, asking your self how you did… what happened… did I do what I had intended, did I react or respond to today’s difficulties, how did I share my Light with others??.  What am I grateful for today?

Stretch before getting into bed, actually tuning into your body.. what hurts? there tension showing up in the body? If you feel any pain begin to clear it by running the energy through your body and release all excess into the earth. Practice makes perfect with this one.

Play some soothing music or put on a meditation CD if you find you are not relaxed enough.

Use essential oils like Lavender to relax you… or rosemary to help you to remember your dreams.

Get ready to fall asleep, saying a final thank you to God and to the Universe, all your angels and guides and to those who Love you..

Sweet dreams ahead…..

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