Who are you??

All inner work begins with an inquiry… who am I?  The dreams we dream, the outer landscape we live can provide some clues to our inner life.. we go into meditation to explore the inner landscape of self. Sometimes we get stuck there, and that is where a guide comes in, through spiritual direction/counseling, Akashic records, shamanic journey, sound and energy work we can get to those deep places where alone you may not be able to uncover. To begin the process of going deeper within yourself you may start with keeping a journal, starting with the inquiry of  Who Am I?… and just live with that question for awhile. As you continue to ask, the obvious answers, such as name, career, wife, husband, father, mother, etc.. begin to fade as the larger picture emerges. Your soul always has the desire to take you deeper, into those inner realms where your true nature resides. However you decide to begin or continue the process of uncovering who you really are understand that this is the basis of all spiritual growth and ultimately where you will find true peace. 

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