The Power of Ritual

One of things that I loved about the Catholic religion is the mass… the ritual of Communion especially… the transmutation of the bread into the body of Christ let me know that I was on Sacred Ground… something beautiful, mystical and magical was happening. I am a recovering Catholic now, and yet ritual still speaks to me in ways that help me to create the Sacred in my own life. To create a ritual experience on your own can be as powerful or sometimes even more so than those that we witnessed at church being done by a minister, deacon, or priest.  Ritual is not just for special occasions, ritual can happen whenever or wherever you decide. Some people do ritual on Full Moons or New Moons, on the Equinox or Solstice and on days of Rememberence for loved ones passed.  For me its whenever I want to bring meaning and sacredness to my day. A ritual does not have to take long, lighting a candle and saying a prayer is a ritual, smudging your home while setting intentions to cleanse any negativity and to bring in positive energy is a ritual. Setting Sacred Space before a meditation is a ritual. What makes these things a ritual experience is your intention to make it so…. that is why its so empowering.  We all need some reminders sometimes to let us know that we are sacred beings and that there is more to this life than just our physical, material existence and a beautiful way to do that is through the practice of rituals.

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