Peace Be With You!!

There is a discernible shift as the door to September slams shut and the door to October opens.  Endings and beginnings are always with us… it gives us another opportunity to see where we’ve been and where we are going. It feels like a lot has happened so far this year…almost like a lifetime has been lived, so many changes that have happened in the world and the anticipation of more coming.  For me it begs the question… how can I, as a spiritual being having this human experience, use all of this to increase my consciousness,  expand my awareness, raise my frequency  and shine my Light and Love to the Universe in order to create Peace in the world? Big question for this new October morning…and I’m not sure I have the Big answer, however I do know this… each day I live in that inquiry and do my work, stand in my power, own my magnificence, communicate with the Divine Intelligence and enter into that deep dialog with my core self, all that is true unfolds before me giving me the confidence and the humility to know that I can create Peace in each and every moment for myself. And with that vibration offer it up to everyone I meet and observe the ripple effect it has on the world.  On this day of new beginnings acknowledge yourself as a being with infinite power to effect the world and shine your own Light and Love,  knowing that Peace will be the response.

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2 Responses to Peace Be With You!!

  1. Kathy Snitker says:

    Another great one Joanna, You got us all thinking and wanting to shine a little brighter ourselves……and pass it on….

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