One Person

Do you have one person that you can reveal yourself totally too? That one person who no matter what you say will listen with an open compassionate heart, who serves  as a witness to your souls evolution? That one person who doesn’t judge, who only encourages you to listen to your own heart?  It was over 20 years ago when I first had the desire and the consciousness to create what I now call Sacred Listening and it was with the heart felt call to serve as that one person.  That one person who would just listen to ‘the story’ , and in the listening with a compassionate and open heart, help that person to re-frame their story.  To see it in a new way and to hold the space for them to reveal to themselves who they are and why they are here.  I wanted to be that space holder, that listener, that open heart, and when given the opportunity I am that. My desire is that everyone have that one person and if not find them.  My training in Spiritual Direction has allowed me to listen in a very unique way, to the unspoken, to the space in between the words, to God with one ear and to the words that are spoken with the other.  I am doing the work of the Divine in that Sacred Listening space and being of service to the heart and soul for that story that is being told.  My desire to be that has not changed in the last 20 years, in fact it has grown and now I have learned to listen with my hands during massage, my energy field during an energy session, my heart during  Heart Centered Therapy, my subtle body during Cranio-Sacral work, and in every other way that I follow my hearts path. My wish for everyone is that they have that one person, that open space, that safe place where they can allow  their wounds to heal, to be seen and revealed and be made whole in the process. Please let me know if I can be that one person for you.

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1 Response to One Person

  1. Kathy Snitker says:

    I feel so inspired by your words…I asked and was told you are the true Mother…like Mother Earth, the nurturer of all. That you glow with your desire to help, that you are a true grounding flame for the entire group, at the Mystical Moon. That’s what my source told me about you….I can feel it….. and know/understand it is true. You are such a warm and loving/giving person…I need to surround myself with all spirits like you, and the other Mystics at the Moon.

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