“God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called.”

flower of life


What is a calling?

I think of a calling like a seed that we are born with and as we grow and mature (whatever age that may be) that seed begins to burst forth with awareness and we become fascinated by the subject of our call… whatever it is… we look up to and resonate with people who are already doing what we are being called to and we become passionate students until we are ready to step into the call. We attend classes, read books, find our teachers and mentors. The downside of this of course is that sometimes for some of us, we never feel ready or good enough and so we go through our lives not knowing if this is it, not feeling qualified and feeling resistance (fear)and we continue searching and seeking our life purpose when it is right in front of us.

We all have a life purpose, sometimes it’s not a big, grand, dramatic one, such as Mother Theresa or the Dalai Lama, sometimes its a quiet, subtle and yet  an equally powerful purpose such as giving and receiving Love.  Whatever it is, the most important thing is to self-actualize into it and begin living your call in baby steps or huge strides.  Life needs you, Love needs you, You need you !!


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The Light is Bright at 60 and not just from the candles on my birthday cake


I find it hard to believe that I will be turning 60 years old in just a few days. How did this happen??

When I was in my 20’s, 30’s and even 40’s~~ 60 seemed so old…and yet here I am and I don’t feel old,and I definitely don’t feel like a senior citizen, (however that is supposed to feel).

I will say this though, there are a certain perks that come with living this long… I don’t know if the age of 60 has brought me wisdom about the world as I continue to find chaos and uncertainty on planet earth, what I do know is that it has brought me the awareness of who I am, what my truth is, my authentic self. I know my shadow, and have come to accept that shadow as part of me and yes even loving those very parts that before this I thought were unlovable. I also accept and have awareness of my unique talents and gifts and am so grateful to be able and willing to share those gifts.

I have reached the place of knowing that I don’t have to please everyone else, but rather to be pleasing to everyone else and have realized that I cannot offer that if I am not in the experience of being pleased. There is something be said for kindness and compassion, to be pleasant to strangers and loved ones alike. To give a smile when sometimes a frown may be easier, to give your time, your attention, your presence to those who cross your path, knowing that the most important thing is our connection to one another as well as our connection to ourselves. There is a place within me that seeks to find the sacred within me as well as within others, regardless of race, religion, or political ideology.

I have discovered that the true heroes in my life are my 3 children, who I have watched from their very first breath, it is through them that I have learned the most. I have watched them evolve and become the people that they are. I have witnessed their journey of strength in times of great loss, of their kindness and compassion to each other and to me when there has been struggles and hardship in our family. They have been through their own treacherous paths that they have had to navigate and yet through it all they are loving and generous, they are fun and funny, open, optimistic positive thinkers, and they are ever so loyal and respectful to me. Jesse, Elijah and Maria are my greatest gifts and my greatest teachers. I am grateful to them and for them every single day.

When I look back on my life I see where I made choices that may not have been the best choices to make, and yet knowing that at the time I did the best that I could allows me not to regret, not to feel guilt, to be forgiving of myself , to accept the consequences of those actions. Those mistakes or lessons (one and the same) have allowed me to understand responsibility, forgiveness and compassion of oneself, without that how could I possibly feel that towards another. To be in a healthy relationship with myself and others I needed these lessons and I am finally able to be grateful for them.

I know that each day we are given the gift to begin again, that we are blessed with the ability to create the lives that we most desire to live with just having the decision to do so. Sometimes that may be having a attitude adjustment and sometimes it may mean taking some uncomfortable action steps. The most important of all is to have purpose and passion when creating what we want. I recently made that decision, had an attitude adjustment and took some uncomfortable steps when I moved to Virginia a few months ago. I left the home that I had known for the past 40 plus years, left my children, friends and family because I felt called to change my life. I felt that my life had become too ‘comfortable’ and that I had become complacent, and that I had become too attached to my patterns and ways of being. I knew that there was something that I needed to experience in spite of some opinions that I was a little nuts. It was and is a big risk, both financially and physically and I must admit that I wanted to give up and go back home more than a couple of times. What I am learning most is how strong I am, how capable I am, and how that when all is said and done all of the things we think we ‘can’t’ do or ‘shouldn’t’ do are just limitations that we put on ourselves. We are never too old or too stuck, or too comfortable that we can’t do what we are being called to do and follow where our hearts are leading us.

For me this new decade is one of discovery, not only the discovery of a new route to work, or of finding another Whole Foods closer to me, it’s the discovery of being in absolute wonder and awe of the new experiences, people and places that each day brings to me, knowing without a doubt that they are the ones that my vibration, my being is attracting because of the Light within me. I am so grateful that my life has brought me to this place of knowing and I look forward to what happens next. Life is just beginning. And at age 60 that is an amazing gift.

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One Person

Do you have one person that you can reveal yourself totally too? That one person who no matter what you say will listen with an open compassionate heart, who serves  as a witness to your souls evolution? That one person who doesn’t judge, who only encourages you to listen to your own heart?  It was over 20 years ago when I first had the desire and the consciousness to create what I now call Sacred Listening and it was with the heart felt call to serve as that one person.  That one person who would just listen to ‘the story’ , and in the listening with a compassionate and open heart, help that person to re-frame their story.  To see it in a new way and to hold the space for them to reveal to themselves who they are and why they are here.  I wanted to be that space holder, that listener, that open heart, and when given the opportunity I am that. My desire is that everyone have that one person and if not find them.  My training in Spiritual Direction has allowed me to listen in a very unique way, to the unspoken, to the space in between the words, to God with one ear and to the words that are spoken with the other.  I am doing the work of the Divine in that Sacred Listening space and being of service to the heart and soul for that story that is being told.  My desire to be that has not changed in the last 20 years, in fact it has grown and now I have learned to listen with my hands during massage, my energy field during an energy session, my heart during  Heart Centered Therapy, my subtle body during Cranio-Sacral work, and in every other way that I follow my hearts path. My wish for everyone is that they have that one person, that open space, that safe place where they can allow  their wounds to heal, to be seen and revealed and be made whole in the process. Please let me know if I can be that one person for you.

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The Art of Receiving

Is there an art to receiving??.. How many of us are truly comfortable when it comes to receiving from others? Like myself, many of us who are in service to the world are very good at giving to others and some of us have learned to actually put a dollar value on our services, however we may still be struggling with the art of receiving just for receiving’s sake.  The other day I received a beautiful card and note from a dear friend of mine, and in the card was a check for a significant (to me) amount of money. My first thought was ‘oh no’ why would she be giving this to me and the next thought was I cannot accept this.. no way, no how…I called her up and through the tears that had formed.. asked why she would do that and how I could not possibly accept her generosity, and she said to me.. Joanna, I want you to think about how much you that you have helped me and know that this comes from my heart as a way of saying thank you.. I told her that I really needed to pray about it and that I would get back to her.. and I did pray about it and also I looked within myself to discern why I had such a reaction to someone’s gift. What I discovered is worth its weight in gold…and the following is the letter that I wrote her back…

After praying about it, I have decided to accept your very generous gift..not only because it comes from your heart.. which is incredibly huge… because that I know in my acceptance, I will learn to receive with humility and gratitude, and then so will you and others that we touch and impact. As women, as sisters, it is becoming so important to support each other and show that support with positive life giving action. YOU embody that so well.. I always, always learn and receive from you… it did not have to come in the form of a check for me to know that…. however the fact that it did showed me something about myself that I had not seen clearly before… and that is I struggle with owning my own positive power and therefore cut myself off from receiving from that empowered place… its funny to me how I always believed that power and humility were in complete opposition  to one another, now I see that is just not true… you have to be humble first and that humility is what allows you to fully step into that power… Wow… who knew that your beautiful, generous gift could ‘buy’ so much.. I love you with all my heart… and knowing that you believe in me means more to me than I could ever express… May your generosity come back to you 1000 plus… Joanna 

There is power in receiving and my dear friend gave me more than she could have possibly known. So whoever is reading this blog post right now ask yourself this question… Am I allowing myself to receive from an empowered place? And if that answer is no then let today be the day that you learn the art of receiving. Namaste’

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You as Creator

You As Creator by Joanna Salerno

“I see the many way I create exactly what my life experience is right now.” – Joanna Salerno


Its always a mind blowing concept that I am the creator of my life…Really??? Then why do I create experiences that I don’t want to have? Now there’s a question… however, when I allow myself to get out the victim mentality mindset, I see the many ways that I create exactly what my life experience is right now.  For me it doesn’t happen in a flash, like lightening… (well not often) it happens with a slow simmer (like stew)…gather the ingredients, prepare them, put them in a pot, simmer and what do you have?… If you are fearful, anxious, worried,and filled with doubt then the stew will reflect that, and conversely , if you are filled with Love, hope, peace, serenity, and secure in the knowing that everything will work out fine, then your stew turns out very differently. In each moment we have the opportunity to choose which mindset we will create our life with. I’m not saying that it is easy, but it is a choice, and just like the stew it can take some time to see how it will turn out. And it always turns out, it may not taste like you thought, maybe there is a surprise or two, and just maybe it turns out better than you even hoped, but you always know that you made it. And with all the right ingredients it will be so delicious you will want to share it and make it again and again.

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Chakra Health

 The word chakra is a Sanskrit word for spinning wheel. We have seven major chakra’s and many minor ones.  Why is it important to have healthy, balanced, and cleared chakras?  For the same reason that you get the oil changed in your car, the tires balanced and aligned and the brakes checked. Think about this for a moment… how often do you change the oil in your car… or have your carpets cleaned in your house… or get your teeth cleaned… have blood work done… or anything else that requires routine maintenance?  There is not one of us that questions the validity of having these things done routinely, and yet even though we know that we are all energy and that energy is all around us, we hesitate or procrastinate when it comes to taking care of our most important asset. That asset is our energy body and when it is depleted or out of balance if affects us in ways that we don’t even realize.  Even though we cannot ‘see’ our chakras they are an important part of our bodies’ physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Our well being depends on our energy body, which includes our chakras, to be active and balanced. Having blocked or distorted chakras affects our immune system, our moods, our thinking processes and how we handle day to day stress.  It is even more important than ever before to take care of ourselves energetically and physically in these changing stressful times.  Make an investment in your energetic health and make an appointment with an energy practitioner today. You deserve it!!  

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Peace Be With You!!

There is a discernible shift as the door to September slams shut and the door to October opens.  Endings and beginnings are always with us… it gives us another opportunity to see where we’ve been and where we are going. It feels like a lot has happened so far this year…almost like a lifetime has been lived, so many changes that have happened in the world and the anticipation of more coming.  For me it begs the question… how can I, as a spiritual being having this human experience, use all of this to increase my consciousness,  expand my awareness, raise my frequency  and shine my Light and Love to the Universe in order to create Peace in the world? Big question for this new October morning…and I’m not sure I have the Big answer, however I do know this… each day I live in that inquiry and do my work, stand in my power, own my magnificence, communicate with the Divine Intelligence and enter into that deep dialog with my core self, all that is true unfolds before me giving me the confidence and the humility to know that I can create Peace in each and every moment for myself. And with that vibration offer it up to everyone I meet and observe the ripple effect it has on the world.  On this day of new beginnings acknowledge yourself as a being with infinite power to effect the world and shine your own Light and Love,  knowing that Peace will be the response.

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Heart vs. Brain

The human Heart is now documented as the strongest generator of both electrical and magnetic fields in the body. Important, because we’ve always been taught that the brain is where all of the action is. While the brain does have an electrical & a magnetic field, they are both relatively weak compared to the Heart. The Heart is about 100,000 times stronger electrically & up to 5,000 times stronger magnetically than the brain. Important, because the physical world – as we know it – is made of those 2 fields: electrical & magnetic fields of Energy. Physics now tells us that if we can change either the magnetic field or the electrical field of the atom, we literally change that atom and its elements within our body and this world. The human Heart is designed to do BOTH.” – David Math ( ( ( ♥ ) ) )

These words resonate with me in many ways.. what I have discovered is that the Heart knows and tells the truth… the mind believes what it is taught to believe. I can tell myself that I am insignificant in the grand scheme of things and convince my mind that  is truth, but I will never convince my Heart of that. I can believe that the world is cruel and that the events that occur are random and without meaning, but I will never convince my Heart of that.  The Heart knows Truth… it is the Heart that speaks truth… if you ever want the real truth… ask your Heart!!  Maybe you are asking the question…’how will I know’..??… For me it is an ongoing practice of inquiry…. is this true in my Heart?… is what I’m thinking coming from the belief in my mind, or the knowing in my Heart?  Someone once told me that to practice coming from my Heart I should tap my Heart Chakra 3 times… to train my mind to go there for the answers… I find that when I really need to connect, I tap my heart 7 x 3…equaling 21 times… it works for me.  Go within, tap your Heart and find the truth that resides there, and let yourself be amazed at what your Heart wants to tell you.

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Think Positive

When I was 10 years old we moved into this house with an attic… I remember the first time I decided to go explore up there, the previous owners had left lots of really cool stuff behind for a 10 year old. There was a trunk filled with old clothes that I could play dress up with and a beautiful (to me) room divider that would later serve as a way to separate my bed from my sisters.  By far my favorite discovery was the trunk of books… tons and tons of books… not one of them suitable for a 10 year old.  Books were my life, a way to escape from the less than ideal family drama and I don’t remember ever not having a book to read.  I would go up there often and just look through those books and one at a time would take them downstairs to read. One of those books was ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’  by Norman Vincent Peale.  I don’t know why I chose that particular book,  I do know that it helped me navigate the rough waters of my childhood in a way that still serves me. Dr. Peale was a genius, the first of many that would follow with the Law of Attraction and The Secret, etc. He wrote about shifting our perceptions, to accept our lives as they were, to be able to see the bigger picture of our lives.  Positive thinking is what begins the process of manifestation. Its not some Polly Anna idea that we just put some sugar on stink…of course we have to see the reality.. but after we see and acknowledge our pain, our stuck situations, then what?? Do we give up with the attitude that all is lost? Or do we begin to see the gifts and the light of each situation? My 10 year old self did not understand everything in that book…but I did understand something… I understood that I had the power of my thoughts to change my perception, that I was the creator of my experience. I kept that book with me for years and would go to it, like a very good friend that lifts you up, knowing that there had been real treasure in that attic, the kind that lasts forever.

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Focus on the Breath

The one thing we totally take for granted and the one thing we cannot live with out… the breath!!.. Today lets just take a moment to focus on our breathing.. In… Out… are you breathing deeply and completely?  Did you know that most of us are not breathing correctly?  A correct in-breath should be a full belly expanding, filling up belly and then lungs to capacity and then a full out-breath, letting all the air that was let in out… when we focus on the breath, we instantly relax and our body feels rejuvenated.  A well breathed body is a happy well body… why??  Because our cells, our blood, our bones, our organs, our muscles need oxygen in order to work properly and yes our brain does to. So today put your focus on your breath… In… Out….and notice how you feel…Happy Breathing!!!

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